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Louisville FBI Refuse to Assist Connie Marshall-Hate Crimes, Death Threats by Police, etc. Pt 7 of 7


8/25/19 Finally I was so fed up with the FBI in Louisville I let them know that the fact that they refuse to investigate is considered cover up. Again the letters from the US Attorney (Russell Coleman), the USDOJ, Human Rights Commission, Legislative Ethics Commission, Congressman John Yarmuths Office, USDOJ (including a Reference Number they gave me) and the email from the CIA is on the following page/link on my website Also while I am typing this they are attacking my heart with Directed Energy/MicroWave weapons which the Louisville Metro Police have previously admitted they are attacking me with, as they state in one of the 30 Hate/Sexual Degradation/Death Threat Emails that I have posted on my Home page on my website the following, “We should turn the power up and cook you like we have been doing.” This is the same Hate Email in which they also called past President Obama the “Nigger” President. My website is You will also find other Hate Mail on the page entitled, Death Threats and ALL of this has been sent to the Louisville FBI on Sycamore Station Place Numerous times to No Avail. Currently I am also dealing with money being taken off of my Walmart Card, someone else (Another Connie) name being put on my credit report and several years ago my Birth Certificate was changed. But of course, no assistance from the Louisville KY FBI. I was also a victim of a Hate Crime at Bluegrass Automotive several years ago and this company is posted on my website. I had a substance thrown on me three (3) times and I recorded my coworkers discussing killing me. I reported this to the FBI in Louisville KY and the Louisville Metro Police and of course No Assistance from either. How can I be lying when ALL of this is posted.


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