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‘We, Our Wives And Children Are Homeless’ –Nigerian Soldiers Knock Army Authorities For Failing To Repair Barracks Destroyed By Rainstorm After 2 Months


Nigerian soldiers and their family members at Mambilla Barracks Extension, Asokoro, Abuja have been forced to endure terrible living conditions over the past two months after a rainstorm destroyed the CBA Blocks of military facilities.


As a result of this situation, some of the affected soldiers told SaharaReporters that they are now homeless as they are yet to find any stable place to stay.

They also knocked the army authorities for failing to repair the military facility despite the many letters written to the Chief of Army Staff.


Saharareporters learnt that many of the displaced soldiers are currently taking refuge inside a mosque in the barracks while their wives and children seek shelter and protection in apartments spared by the rainstorm.


“On that particular night, we watched helplessly as the rainstorm blew off our rooftops allowing heavy water to flow into our flats,” a soldier told SaharaReporters.


“All my properties have been destroyed, we have written several letters to the Army headquarters and till now the repair has not happened.


“The army has decided to leave us – soldiers and our family members – to suffer immensely for the past two months.


“My children and wife are yet to find any stable place to settle.”


Another displaced soldier said, “All this happened two months ago and the military has not done anything to help us. We are homeless now and this is happening here in Abuja close to the Villa.


“Please help us to expose the corruption in the military sir. It was a rainfall that destroyed those flats for over two months and till now, the repair has not happened. Yesterday’s rain still fell on some of us and our properties.”


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