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Comedy & Satire: How Don't Look Up (2021) Falls Flat


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Prepare to be lectured on the climate for 2 and a half hours by celebrities who fly private jets.

I break down the latest Adam McKay entry in the satire/comedy/social commentary film genre. 👀Despite the best intentions, an all-star cast, and somehow landing a nomination for Best Picture – what could’ve been a clever, insightful premise ended up as thoughtful and inspiring as a Facebook argument. (…and no, I’m not a climate denier.)

‼ FEATURES SPOILERS FOR: Don’t Look Up (2021), The Other Guys (2010), and mild spoilers for HBO’s Succession. ‼

0:00 – Intro
4:19 – The wasted potential of Don’t Look Up (2021)
10:35 – Ad break!
13:14 – Don’t Look Up & and shallow climate commentary
17:13 – “Impact deniers” and leveraging hyperbole
18:51 – …Is this [comedy]?
23:23 – How Succession masters sharp social satire
26:40 – The Other Guys and absurd comedic commentary
29:48 – Does “film quality” matter if the message is important?


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