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Greeks See No End to Impunity for Endless Corruption


ATHENS – Every government promises to do something about but fails and Greeks are so weary of promises about ending corruption that 97 percent of them believe it will never end and that people who do it are protected from real punishment.

That was shown in a poll by the National Transparency Authority presented at the 1st Integrity Forum in the Greek capital which showed little hope for stopping a political system of patronage, favors and bribery over merit. 

Some 67 percent said corruption was “very extensive” and 30 percent said “fairly extensive,” which means extensive with everyone from doctors and surgeons to civil servants looking to pocket money in return for better service. 

And 87 percent said the sectors most likely to involve corruption include public works and state procurements, 62 percent naming politics and 48 percent mass media, most of which has an agenda and tied to political parties or depending on governments for advertising.

As for municipalities and regions, 39 percent believed them corrupt compared to21 percent for the justice system, 21 percent for getting medical services, 14 percent for construction licenses, 11 percent for law enforcement, 9 percent for the public sector and 3 percent for business licensing, said Kathimerini.

The results were based on 777 questionnaires completed online between Sept. 11-Nov. 30 by visitors to the NTA’s pavilion at the Thessaloniki International Fair and  subscribers to NTA’s newsletter.

Transparency International rates Greece 59th of 179 countries on its corruption index, a position which has barely changed, along with people’s minds that it never will. 

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