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The Facts About Defunding Police


Defund the Police is the newest movement sweeping across America.

“Defunding the police” means reallocating funds away from the police department to other local government agencies, leaving police departments underfunded and unable to perform their jobs. (Forbes, June 10, 2020)

Defunding police is not the answer. Law Enforcement needs adequate resources to confront violent crime in larger and emerging cities. Police departments across the country are already affected by huge budget cuts and a shortage of applicants, recruits, training and equipment. (CNBC, June 16, 2020)

Police departments are under pressure to implement reforms and improve training. How can departments hire the best recruits, improve training, AND continue to serve and protect the public with even less funding than they already have?

Defunding is not the answer.

If politicians believe police reform is necessary, departments need the funding in order to enact and enforce new, modern policing methods as well as perform vital training that will save lives and protect civilians.

Left-wing activists claim that defunding the police is the only answer. (The Washington Post, June 7, 2020)

Ask yourself: Is defunding the police REALLY about reforming police departments?

Or is it the first step towards dismantling police departments across the country?

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