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WHO SHOULD FIGHT CORRUPTION? – The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI)


November 10, 2021

Although the question appears basic and maybe naive, it is one of the most important in developing and implementing an anti-corruption strategy or policy. Corruption jeopardizes the legitimacy of lawful institutions. As a result, combating corruption necessitates a comprehensive education effort, increasing awareness of the problem, ensuring that all voices are heard, and taking decisive and prompt action. Today, more than at any other period in history, the corruption problem is at an all-time high. Corruption does jeopardize the population’s economic, social, and political well-being.


People were not as conscious of the consequences of corruption thirty years ago as they are today when the internet was not the standard for living and doing the majority of things. People are becoming more conscious of their surroundings these days. They understand that effective governance and societal prosperity are at peril without checks and balances in political leadership. Therefore, each individual on this planet is affected directly and indirectly by the damages of corruption. 

Corruption should be exposed and combated by employees from all economic sectors, businesses, civic society, students, and academic institutions.


Students at universities are the leaders of tomorrow. It is an indisputable assertion. Thus, governments and universities leadership have a fiduciary duty to invest in the anti-corruption knowledge of those students so that they play an effective role in preventing and deterring fraud and corruption. Governments and universities should have a strong partnership so that teachers and students may collaborate in the fight against corruption and keep their institutions informed about all anti-corruption activities. The tools available to help professors and students in preventing and deterring fraud and corruption will be increased as a result of these tight interactions. The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) is at the forefront of this field through its unique certification program: Certified Anti-Corruption Fellow (CACF).

Finally, it is up to every one of us to take action and expose corruption. Citizens are the most important players in the battle against corruption. The government, on the other hand, should guarantee that there is a sufficient and effective anti-corruption legal framework in place, allowing citizens to fulfill their responsibilities in such a holy sphere as combatting corruption.

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